Graduate Member

If you have graduated from an Institute-accreditated Qualifying Course, you are eligible for Graduate Membership.

As a Graduate Member, you get access to a range of valuable benefits including:

  • Free online access to 7 leading journals.
  • Reduced-rate entry to all events organised by us.
  • A free copy of our magazine, The Ergonomist, every month.
  • The opportunity to network, learn and gain opportunities from a vibrant, supportive community.

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Questions you might have

Where can I find a list of Qualifying Courses?

You can see the list of Qualifying Courses here.

Can I still be a Graduate Member if I graduated from a non-Qualifying Course?

No, but you can become an Associate Member. You could then gain experience and CPD that would support a future application for Registered or Technical Membership.

How long can I be a Graduate Member for?

You would normally be a Graduate Member for three years, at which point you will have gained sufficient experience to be eligible to progress to Registered Membership. To do this you must be able to demonstrate the sort of work you have been doing in ergonomics and human factors and have worked for a year under the supervision of a mentor, who is a Registered Member or Fellow of the Institute. This involves keeping a log of the work you undertake during your three years as a Graduate. It is important to start this process as soon as you become a Graduate Member, so that you have all the necessary records when you come to apply for Registered Membership. You should read the information about Registered Membership as soon as you become a Graduate Member.

How much does Graduate Membership cost?

£95 per year. That’s less than £8 per month if you spread the cost with monthly direct debit payments.

Now the Institute is Chartered, will I become a Chartered member?

No, you will need to upgrade to Registered Member first, as only Registered Members and Fellows are eligible for Chartered status.

Upgrading can take a little while, and even if you have all the boxes ticked, your CPD up to date, your referees in place, and have been mentored, your application will need to go through our internal processes and be assessed by our Professional Affairs Board. However, you could still become Chartered within just 4 years of graduation if you get broad experience during that time.