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Questions you might have

How much does Associate Membership cost?

£95 per year. That’s less than £8 per month if you spread the cost with monthly direct debit payments.

As an Associate Member, can I upgrade my membership in the future?

Yes, you can apply to become a Technical Member or a Registered Member. You will need a minimum of two years of work experience of ergonomics and human factors for Technical Membership and 4 years for Registered Membership. You must be able to demonstrate knowledge of ergonomics in at least one area for Technical Membership, and in five areas for Registered Membership. Your application will usually involve keeping a log book of the work you undertake during your years as an Associate. It is important to start this process early, so that you have all the necessary records when you wish to apply. You should read the information about Technical or Registered Membership as soon as you become an Associate Member.