Early Careers Network

Our Early Careers Network was set up and is run by a group of enthusiastic young ergonomists to provide support and guidance to members who are in the early stages of their career, whether you have just graduated, you’re an ergonomics researcher or have been working in industry for a few years. The network is active on Twitter and organises events to give members the best start on the road to success.

The ECN is run by a committee which has several aims:

  • To provide networking opportunities with like-minded people at similar stages of their careers both online and at networking events.
  • To give individuals in the early stages of their careers a voice within the Institute.
  • To help individuals with the Registered Membership process.
  • To identify and disseminate job/voluntary opportunities.
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ECN committee members

Chrissie Hare, ECN Joint Coordinator
I am a final year PhD student at the University of Nottingham focusing on what operators (in particular commercial pilots) need to support decision making in emergency contexts. As a coordinator for the Early Careers Network committee, my role is to plan, organise and push forward the new Early Careers Network. Along with Laura, I represent the group on the Membership Committee.

Laura Lewis, ECN Joint Coordinator
I am a final year PhD student at the University of Nottingham. My main areas of interest are transport human factors and accessibility/inclusive design. My role as one of the coordinators of the Early Careers Network is to ensure its smooth running and to build up its membership. I also represent the group on the Membership Committee.

Byron Edwards, ECN Coordinator for Industry
Employed as a Human Factors Engineer at Rolls-Royce, my professional interests include the application of human factors in manufacturing and high hazard environments. I’m jointly responsible for coordination of ECN activities, representing human factors practitioners in industry. I’m also the Graduate Representative on the CIEHF Council.

Julie Waldron, Coordinator of the column for The Ergonomist
I’m a Colombian architect interested in human behaviour and quality of life. My role is to coordinate the ECN monthly column in The Ergonomist. I am inviting people who are working or researching in human factors and ergonomics to tell us about their experiences, life or general interests. Our aim is to expand the column with guests from diverse disciplines and countries.

Ayse Eren, Joint Registered Membership Coordinator
I have a background in manufacturing engineering and completed an MSc in Human Factors at the University of Nottingham. I’m now doing a PhD looking into driver distraction and human-computer interaction with a focus on glance behaviour. My role in the ECN is co-ordinating support for membership progression; forming links between people who would like to become Registered Members of the Institute and the mentors who can help them achieve that. I also co-ordinate the social media content for the network.

Fangyan Tang, Joint Registered Member Coordinator
I’m a PhD student who is interested in anything related to design. In this community, my role is about helping with progression through the Institute membership grades.

Raphael Lamas, ECN Membership Coordinator
I’m Brazilian, with a BSc in computer science and MSc in human computer interaction. I’m currently doing a PhD in Human Factors and my interests include connected vehicle technology, user experience and HMI design. Within the ECN my main role is to bring new members to the group.

We encourage early career individuals to share their experiences via the discussions on our LinkedIn group called IEHF Early Careers Network. Also look out for our tweets on @IEHFearlycareer. Please get in contact by email to iehfearlycareernetwork@gmail.com.